Meet Kat

The song Shine On will haunt me for a long long time and for all the good reasons.


Born and raised in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, Kat's parents discovered her voice at age 5, at an amateur musical audition originally intended just for her siblings. "I stood up with the rest of the kids and belted 'The Rainbow Connection' and ended up with a solo!" she laughs, "My mother was surprised to say the least."
But it wasn't until she landed a lead role in NZ's professional tour of 'The Secret Garden' that she decided performing was the life for her. "I'd considered it and thought about it, but I was so young at the time that I didn't really seriously think I could do it." 

But so far, she has. Over 20 successful years and many appearances later, the resume is impressive. While the experience was stacking up in NZ, she really hoped to go International. "I'm really proud of my country and where we have come. Peter Jackson has really paved the way for other Kiwis to get out into the world and get known." 

Kat started writing her own songs at the age of 13. Most of her material is composed on piano because although over the last few years she has been teaching herself guitar, her piano is really her 'home' instrument.

She started learning to play at 7 but at around age 12 was bored with the classics and started desiring a different style to play. She eventually quit piano at 16 to play just for pleasure. She says this was definitely better for her and lead her to explore the piano herself so much more. "My first ever composition was an instrumental piece that my Dad said sounded like 'High Hopes' by Pink Floyd. Ever since that day that's been one of my favourite songs!" 

While living in Scotland for almost 8 years, Kat became a regular on the acoustic circuit, as well as venturing back into Musical Theatre shows in the Edinburgh Fringe. She has also been included on the soundtrack to season two of BBC Three's "Lip Service", and is thrilled that this has introduced her to a whole new group of fans.

Kat is delighted to be back in her homeland and working on new music.  "Wherever I am, as long as I'm performing, writing and singing, I'll be happy."